The best part of living at the beach is the proximity.  It’s RIGHT THERE.  Of course that means two things: 1) Everyone wishes they were there with you, and 2) Sometimes you forget to go there!

So I decided to write a blog for these reasons.

I want to share the experience of regularly visiting the beach because it is so beautiful and so different than the once-a-year vacation or quick day trip.  And I want to make myself remember to enjoy what I’ve worked so hard to have at my fingertips.  Constantly posting pictures on my Facebook wall would be obnoxious and could not quite convey the descriptive scene I seek to share.  And while sometimes a business luncheon takes priority, more often it’s the big clothing sale at Bealls or last minute shopping for a birthday gift that gets my time… So why not put together a site where people who love the beach can come to feel the seashore and sunshine?  I can always go shopping when the sun goes down.

My goal is to get my toes in the sand and post about it frequently.  My visits won’t be at the same time each trip (or even the same beach!) but my posts will hopefully be fairly regular and somewhat entertaining.  And they might be about lunch at the beach, or meditation at sunrise, or a stroll on the water’s edge at sunset – who knows?  I’m living on island time.  More than anything I hope you will just ride the wave with me.  As a magnet on my refrigerator says…


Happy beach time!!