I walked down the beach to the location of the Sand Art Festival that had occurred earlier in the day, and was amazed by the gothic castle that I found! Complete with spires and gargoyles, the short-term masterpiece stood probably four feet high.

I took in the meticulous work and was instantly transported to my time in France, where I had stood at the foot of full-size cathedrals and stared with the same sense of awe.

Eventually my eyes panned down the tall sandcastle to the words neatly written at its base – a marriage proposal! – presumably from the artist to his lady. And happily scribbled in the sand of the moat below were the words β€œShe said YES!”

My mind raced with joy and wonder about the couple and the events that led up to this interesting scene. Other beachgoers circled the castle, drawing their own excitement and conclusions.

There is nothing quite as incredible as the combination of art, nature, and humanity into a single fleeting moment that will forever hold a place in the minds and hearts that shared the experience.

I love castles in the sand!